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Bleacher Buddie(Patent Pending)
When dedicated sports fans need comfort and warmth at the sports fields and arenas, they know not to go without their Bleacher Buddie!

...because everybody likes warm buns!

Introducing every sports fan’s best friend:
This revolutionary new product is designed with your ultimate warmth and comfort in mind.  Enjoy the warm fleece lining on the inside with a wind and rain repellent outer shell.  It’s the best way to stay warm and dry while watching your favourite sport or your own little superstar on the field or on the ice.

How it began...
Bleacher Buddie was born one fall day when I went to watch my son play football.  The day was warm but once the sun set, my bare legs and skirt were no longer a good idea!  I showed up at the field and took a seat on the cold aluminum bleachers and things went downhill quickly.  I had a small blanket to wrap around me, but once the rain started it didn't take long to get soaked and the blanket became not only useless to me but it actually made things worse.  We all know the old saying, “necessity is the mother of invention”, and in my wet and completely frozen state, the idea came to me right then and there. On the drive home I told my son about my idea, he thought it was good.  I wondered out loud,  what will we call it and he immediately said, how about Bleacher Buddie.  I loved it, and just like that, Bleacher Buddie became a thing!  

Now I just needed someone to make the prototype, I could not sew, not even a little bit!  It is also said that the universe delivers to us what we need, so then I meet Carm.  I explained my idea to her and asked if she could make this for me. We became partners and together developed the Bleacher Buddie in a product that we are extremely proud to put our names on.  We hope you love your Bleacher Buddie! 

Tricia & Carm

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